"Long story short, a casual partner of mine introduced me to the wonders of erotic role playing which coincidentally led me to you. I'm looking forward to delving deeper into your catalog, Tara."

Provocatively Persuading You to Ruin Your Orgasm for Me


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30 October 2010

I don’t mind if I have to talk you into it. I’m very willing to seductively persuade you…. as only I can. All I really want is to be close to you, to lure you into bed with me, to gently coax you to free yourself of your pants and grasp that hardening cock for my eager eyes. Will you do that for me? Will you indulge me this moment?

If you do… if you work yourself to a big, hard erection for me… I’ll tell you a little secret. Something I may not have exactly expressed before. It’s so private… you see, it really turns me on to… to watch an orgasm be totally ruined! … that agonizing look on your face, when you’re coerced into completely letting go of your cock just before ejaculating and your cum merely sputters out in sad little droplets…

That’s what I really want to see. That’s what really turns me on. Does my body, my corset and stockings and carefully chosen lingerie turn you on? Maybe we can indulge one another…