"I have recently discovered your work and have found it to be a wonderful experience. Your openness to the fantasies and desires of others with full commitment and understanding is truly phenomenal."

I Can’t Wait to See You Pop that Big Load


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25 January 2010

Please, please, PLEASE!! Oh, please pull it out for me right now! I’m dying to see it… I want you to jerk it for me! I want to see you get off for me right now. Don’t worry… I’ll totally make it worth your while. I’m just so horny!

I really want to see you come and come and come… I want to see how big of a load you can build up for me… how hot you can get for me… how tight your balls can get… hot hard your big cock can get… and show off just the way I’m dying to see and spray all over me!!

Imagine how wonderful that hot orgasm and ejaculation will feel for you in just a matter of minutes… build up a great big load for me! I’ll lick you clean… (IF I EVEN LET YOU COME!)

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