"I've been looking for a POV woman that has an imagination. You are the queen of POV!!"

I Caught You Jacking Off AGAIN; Now, My Friend Is Going Help Me Devise Your Perfect Punishment


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11 August 2014

Oh, no… You didn’t!! I can’t believe I caught you jacking off by the window again… while our neighbor was out in her garden!! What kind of filthy pervert are you?? Well, as embarrassing as this situation is, I’m glad my friend happens to be over… between the two of us, she and I should be able to come up with the perfect punishment for you. She’s recommending chastity, but I think you need something PAINFUL.

First, you must strip all your clothes off… in front of BOTH of us. I’m going to get my friend to grab the camera. Oh, yes. She’s going to take photos of your entire punishment session! Are you getting turned on by this??? Oh, no. I’ll have you in more pain than you can deal with; I want you to FEEL how much embarrassment you’ve caused me and just how wrong you are.

First, you’re going to tie up your cock and balls. Oh, yes, you are! So tight… so swollen. Then, I’m going to help cover your shaft in melted wax… OUCH! You’re going to jerk it raw… at any speed I dictate… and all while my friend and I look on. Humiliated yet? Feeling DIRTY yet?? Once I’ve teased and tormented you enough, it’s time to aim for the shot glass.

YOU know just what I want you to do with it…

* For the full effect… have these optional accoutrements on hand: string/cord, hot candle wax, and a shot glass.