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Humiliating My New Foot Slave in So Many Sick Ways


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3 November 2011

I caught you. Oh, I caught you GOOD. I know you have a foot fetish; I’ve been checking your internet browsing logs. I know just the way to get back at you and put that cocky attitude of yours in check. You think you rule the roost just because you’re the big boss man? Think again.

I’m inviting you over, to my own home, to take care of a “work problem.” I’ll offer you a drink and BAM! You’ll drop to the floor; and by the time you wake up again, I’ll have you tied up with duct tape with a chastity cage snapped shut around your cock. That’s right. You’re going to be my chaste boss-man slave…. well, to me and my fellow female coworkers and friends who’d love to see you tortured.

Look at you now… all helpless with your face pressed to my feet. With and without my sexy pumps, you’re going to get so hard smelling my foot stink. I’m going to turn you into my foot sweat rug! And this is only the beginning… I won’t reveal until AFTER all the fun that other eyes have been watching you this whole entire time. You’re never gonna live this one down!