"For someone like me that only likes long slender feet and toes on a a very sexy lady... You are the leader!"

I Caught You Jacking Off; Now, You’re Going to Do It in Front of My Friends


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7 April 2012

Oh, you’ve done it now. You just HAD to jack off to HER, didn’t you? Oh, but I’ve caught you, and you’re willing to do a forfeit. Oh, yes. My girlfriends are over here… and they’re all encouraging me to call you on your forfeit right now. They say I should be in control of your cock. And, you know, they’re right.

I’m going to prove to them right now that I actually am. I’m calling them in here. Yes, all four us will be staring at you… while you strip in front of us and do your thing. Oh, yes. You’re going to jack off in front of ALL of us, speeding up and slowing down and doing everything else I ask of you to prolong the fun and to put on a GOOD show for us. Then, if I think you deserve it, I’ll let you eat your own cum.