"Keep doing what you are doing because it is amazing and it gets my rocks off everytime! (when you allow it)."

Caught You in the Act! Now, I’m Going to Blackmail You into Coming All Over Your Face


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6 May 2014

Ah ha! I caught you! Didn’t you notice the hidden camera I planted in the corner of the room. I KNEW you play dirty when no one’s looking… do you like to eat your own cum??? I wonder what your boss would say if he found out… and no wonder that you don’t want to play with ME as often!

You’re going to jerk for me right now… right in front of me as I watch… and take a few compromising photos. You’re going to follow my every order, humiliate yourself, and do it all for the camera as I make you come all over your own face and lick it off again!