"I'm weak in the knees! How many men are like me, fantasizing about being put across your lap for a bare bottom spanking...I'd be dreaming of all sorts of ways to misbehave!"

How DARE You Ask That of Your Own Mother?


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28 January 2020

I… You can’t be serious. Me? You? YOU want ME, your own mother, to… WATCH YOU JERK OFF!?!

No, you can’t be serious. But I do know when my own son is quite serious. You say, it’d make you happy. That it would EXCITE you. I mean… as your mother, I do like seeing my son happy. I just… well, right NOW?

There’s just no way I can do that. For so many reasons. I’m going to be so uncomfortable, so out of place, so embarrassed, so… surprised by the size of your cock…