"You are a world class beauty. Sexy is 80% attitude and your videos are incredible. I have never met a woman who can excite me more with the simple bat of an eyelash or a look in your eyes. You really should try and teach women what sexy means. You have a special talent."

You’re Such a Dirty Boy


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13 February 2018

Mommy knows what you need, what you want… And you have to deal with it… that hard cock in your pants. You can’t help yourself. You’re such a dirty boy. You get hard, in front of your own mother.

I know what you want… but you can’t have it. Instead, YOU are going to have to touch it. You’re going to have to get your cock out, bare it to your own mother, and jerk it in front of her.

YES, YOU ARE. My dirty boy can’t help himself…

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