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Do You Really Want to Fuck Your Mother?


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24 April 2018

I caught you! Jerking off with your own mother’s lingerie!

Like lingerie?? Hmmm?? Then, put this on. YES… put it on, NOW! Go ahead, finish what you were doing. Jerk off in front of your mother. DO IT.

Look at you… stroking it in front of your mom, wearing your own mother’s lingerie… and you’re so hard. You like it. Are you THINKING about fucking me? Is that what you think about when you’re jerking off with my lingerie?

Is this what you want? …these tits… you’re own mother? What if I bend over right now, lift up my dress, and pull down my pantyhose?

LOOK at my ass! You want to stick it in, don’t you. I know you do!

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