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Doctor’s Orders: Your Weakened Wrist Merits Professional Masturbatory Guidance


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11 September 2015

Let’s see… you’re in for a wrist injury? Let me take a look at it… how long has this been bothering you? Any particular incident or sudden occurrence? No? A chronic problem then? Hmmm… let me look at your medical history… Oh. You’re single. That figures. Yes, I’ve seen so many cases like this before. It’s very common among you single men.

Tell me… how often do you masturbate. What?! Ahem, excuse me. That’s quite a bit. Well, let me explain what the urgency here is. If you don’t give that poor wrist of yours a break, well, it’s going to break! The best treatment is to use your other hand while your weakened one heals. Now, poor technique combined with that frequency of use will just bring you right back in with two injured wrists instead of the one. So, you will need professional instruction on proper masturbation technique.

Oh, don’t get shy on me now. I’ve seen it all before. This is a purely professional medical treatment. We’re going to proceed with lengthy instruction during which you must not ejaculate. You must learn quality over quantity. We will then continue with repeated countdowns of higher speed jerking to teach quick-to-ejaculate methods in successfully shorter intervals until I allow you to relieve yourself.

However, if I find your technique to be too poor after our training together, I will be forced to restrict you with a chastity device until I review your case – and the condition of your healing wrist at a future date.

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