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The Night Nurse Provokes Your Fatal Fetish


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5 September 2019

You’re such a troublesome patient.  And your leg fetish is completely hopeless, you know.  I’m so sick and tired of… YOU.  It’s easy really… to lighten my workload.

I’ll just sneak into your room after you’ve fallen asleep, slip these handcuffs over your wrists, and then wake you up (because it’s more fun that way) to reveal exactly what’s going to happen to you… medically.  You see, this syringe contains a serum that will draw all of your energy and deposit it in your cum… that means that when you ejaculate—and you WILL ejaculate—you’ll simply fade away.  Your life itself will shoot out with your precious semen.

Oh, but what a way to go!  As it takes effect, you can’t possibly prevent the inevitable.  Through these weeks as your nurse, I’ve learned of your major weaknesses, and I’m going to exploit them.  My hand on your hard cock will do the rest…

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