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Can You Handle a Physical Examination by a Female Doctor?


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3 October 2017

You’re in for a routine physical examination, your annual preventative checkup. But… something puts you a bit on edge the moment the doctor walks in – the moment SHE walks in.

You can’t quite put your finger on it (you WANT to put your finger on it…), but you instantly know you’re in trouble. You know what’s in store; you know what you won’t be able to prevent… as she gets closer, leans over, touches you… with her stethoscope… looks into your eyes. Everything’s routine. And she’s perfectly – adorably – wholly professional.

Yet, when she asks if you regularly examine your testicles, it all goes downhill from there. You just can’t handle it – can you. No, you fumble, you get all awkward, and SHE has to demonstrate the examination for you – on you. That’s when you lose it.

But she handles it like a professional. Even when you just about shoot your wad all over her clean white shirt and demure gloved hands…

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