"Tara, not even actresses in movies can portray all those emotions you show in your videos, it's mind blowing actually."

A Day in the Life of Dr. Tara Tainton, Penis Specialist


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26 April 2016

You’re invited to observe – and participate – in a day in the life of Dr. Tara Tainton, Penis Specialist. How lucky you are… imagine the variety of patients I see, the sexual situations confessed to me that I’m challenged to solve, and the COCKS I’m invited to consult.

Be a voyeur in my office or… play along… there’s no male sexual issue I’m not prepared to handle in the most appropriate, professional manner – I assure you.

The first of my four patients (penises) is just now arriving… From the tiniest specimen of male sexual anatomy to the largest the world’s ever set eyes on and from swollen testicles to a young, feverish, beginning masturbator, I’m ready to PERSONALLY HANDLE you all… you’re going to come again – and again – and again – and AGAIN!

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