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Doctor’s Orders: Time for Your Wrist’s One-Month Review


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16 July 2012

Now, let me see that overused wrist of yours. How has it been healing? Has the swelling gone down? Oh, oh, dear. No, no, this isn’t good. It’s not healing properly… and I know you haven’t been using it as that chastity cage is still secure on your appendage. I’m afraid you’ll have to return for your next review at six months. It’s my number one priority to ensure your health and proper healing.

What? You can’t possibly wait any longer to masturbate? I’m afraid I absolutely cannot allow you to use your wrists or hands at all. Masturbating is now a detriment to your own health. Of course, if I or the nurse were to personally help you, we’d certainly end up losing our jobs or in jail. Now, there is one way you could achieve satisfaction. We don’t have much time before my next appointment, but if I secure your wrists behind you, you may rub up against my desk to feel relief.

Now, let me tell you just how to do it; I see you’re struggling a bit without the use of your own hands. Mind the time now, this is definitely a gray area legally. Time’s up! I must put you back into chastity, and I will see you in six months.

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