“You are the shimmering beacon of hope to me in the world of internet, where quantity surpasses quality ten thousand fold with degenerative crap which purely insults any intelligence of a man, but unfortunately yet so few of us seems to dare to demand for higher standards to meet our needs.”

Bring Your Son to Work Day: Mom’s a Penis Doctor!


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7 February 2017

Today, you get to skip school and spend all day with your mother!  Now, you have to be a good boy, just sit quietly in mommy’s office, and see how much stuff you can absorb all about mommy’s job.

Yes, this is just what your mom does all day: I touch many, many men’s penises!  Now, if you have any questions, you go right ahead and ask them.

I’ll explain anything you see or want to know about… even when it comes to attending to YOUR penis…

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