“Your delivery leaves your competitors’ content in the dust.”

"Your delivery leaves your competitors' content in the dust."

You’ve Saved It up for Me; Now I’m Going to Treat You to a Humiliating Cum Guzzling Session


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1 May 2015

Now, you know our agreement. You promised me you’d have several loads of your own cum saved up… at least five. And not five ejaculations all in the same day… cheater. I want BIG, healthy loads.

If you do that for me, then I’ll hold up my end of the bargain and tease you to coming again… describing exactly how you’re to play with your own cum… sitting in your hot wanton mouth… all the way through your jerking, through several tasks, and to the very edge of coming again, right here, for me. Oh, and you DO have your butt plug, right… preferably your BIG one?

I’ll wait if you don’t… now, this is going to be fun for ME while I watch you struggle with all that drippy sticky come threatening to leak from your mouth, especially as I direct you to spit it out and suck it back into your mouth again, swish with us… and whatever else makes me smile BIG between my pigtails. Oh, you better come EXACTLY when I tell you to… or there’ll be a punishment!!! hee hee hee …I’m feeling particularly bratty today!