"On some of you marathons i have literately blasted to the ceiling. i don't think their is any performer that can coax that sort of response in the entire industry."

Catching and Humiliating the Infamous Panty Thief


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14 September 2017

AH-HA!  I’ve caught you in the act!  Finally, the Panty Thief himself is before me.  I knew I’d find you one day.  I knew I’d catch you with some poor woman’s stolen panties in your hands.  And here you are.  You thought you’d get away with it forever.  Now, all your fun is OVER, pervert!!

It’s time for your punishment, starting with you being made to wear my own panties like the sissy bitch you are.  Ah, yes!  And I brought a frilly pink dress just for you.  I’m going to expose you for the perverted panty thief you are so proud of, but those females you stole from won’t be so thrilled.  The whole world is going to laugh at you and your fetish.

Since you like wearing girlie clothes so much, you’ll now have to wear them ALL the time.  Now, I have one last plan for humiliating you, hapless rogue.  You are going to jerk it for your favorite superheroine and eat your own cum as your final act of defeat and submission.