"Wow, holy cow, Tara. You've really overwhelmed me. You are so talented and imaginative."

You’ve Messed with the Wrong Woman


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23 September 2016

Oh, did I look like a submissive little secretary to you? Did you think you could take advantage of me, get off on spying on me, harass me at the work place, and fulfill your voyeur fetishes? Oh, no, you’ve got the wrong girl. I warned you… when you entered the women’s restroom and stood there staring at me with my pantyhose down. I warned you when you closed the door behind you and tried to overpower me. I warned you when your roaming hands began to grope.

And once I knocked you down, once you lied there, dumbfounded, staring up at me as I slowly removed my conservative clothes… did you know what you were in for? Did you realize that you’d never get away with it, that you picked on the wrong woman, that the sultriest superheroine of them all really does exist? Who’s going to submit to whom NOW?!

Yes, I’m going to make you remember this day forever. This is your lesson in being a pervert asshole. This is my lasso of truth, which is going to bind you to the toilet itself, leaving you with just one little finger to touch yourself with while I make you confess your every secret and dark habit. You can’t withhold anything from me now… not when you’re bound by my lasso.

And I’m going to humiliate you all the more as you come for me and swear to never ever touch a woman again. Oh, you’re going to realize your superheroine fantasies now… but not quite how they always played out in your little mind.