“You are far and away the best actress of the models on clips4sale.”

"You are far and away the best actress of the models on clips4sale."

Your First Critical Lessons in Pleasing a Woman, Courtesy of Your Unorthodox Nanny


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15 March 2022

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You’ve spent your prepubescent years mostly alone with your beloved nanny to supervise and teach you. You’ve naturally grown enamored of her: the most beautiful woman ever… in your eyes. During intimate conversations and your innocent confessions, she’s come to realize your parents have completely neglected your sex education. You have no clue what most sexual terms refer to or how to handle all those strange feelings and bodily reactions you’re now experiencing.

When you share the story with your nanny of accidentally seeing your parents partaking in oral sex, it’s obvious to your much loved sitter that you have no idea what you’ve seen or why your mum and pop were doing such things. Unknown to you, your nanny began to fashion an elaborate and practical instructional ritual for you… for you to experience those things you’d discussed together. Maybe your tales and questions had brought out the feminist in her; maybe she was appalled by what you discovered your dad making your mum do. Regardless, your schooling began one afternoon.

Your nanny’s attitude wasn’t vulgar or intimidating, just very firm, loving, and even humbling. You found yourself blushing at her words, even apologizing for your own ignorance as you dutifully followed her every command. After all, you really wanted to learn what grownups do, how to make a woman – just like your nanny – happy, and she assured you that if you followed her directions, she would always take care of you. She set out to instruct you on what NOT to do as well as what TO do… and how.

A dildo in your mouth made you swear to never ask a woman to put your own dick in her mouth while nanny’s measuring of your dick reassured you that your size was fine, even a little big, for your age. Learning to masturbate for the first time, under nanny’s guidance and demonstration frightened you while teaching you where babies come from… and being instructed to taste your own cum made you swear to never make a woman swallow yours.

Your beloved nanny taught you how to be a female-worshipping male, a man with expertise in cunnilingus… the one thing your nanny let you do TO her even as she had to explain why you weren’t allowed to put your dick inside her. Reassuring, gentle, and with her ulterior motives, your nanny began your sexual schooling…