"You are the only performer I could think of who could do this successfully and make it actually sound and look realistic."

You’re More Like a Bat BOY than Bat “Man!”


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14 June 2018

Ah, it’s so good to see you all tied up in my possession.  I have you all to myself now… we’re going to have some fun!  Wait… are you… could it be?  You’re a SHRIMP!!  And all this time, I thought you were a real superhero!

Why, you’re shorter than I am!  Than a GIRL!  Oh, my, my, my…  No wonder you’re so feisty; you have a BIG chip on your shoulder.  You know you’re shorter than every other superhero… even the heroines!  You must feel so small around all the big, bad villains.  And if they found out the truth… how small you actually are…

Oh, I just have to laugh at the thought of that!!  ha ha!  Now, there’s something I’m dying to know now after teasing and taunting you for your “shortcomings.”  I want to see what you’re packing inside your big bat suit.  I have a feeling it’s MUCH smaller than I imagined!

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