"I love your clips. I got all the enthusiasm in the world when you're involved. Can't wait to see what you do next."

Mean Step Mommy Humiliates and Teases Her Inexperienced Stepson


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29 August 2009

My husband’s out of town again… Oooh, I can’t wait to go out looking for some big cock tonight! I’m SO horny! I think this slutty outfit will do… what a great cock-tease I make! I hope that sissy little stepson of mine has all his chores done. I’m tired of having to get on his ass all the time. It ruins my mood! And all my fun.

“Oh, there you are, honey. What do you think of your step mommy’s outfit? Is your mommy pretty? Do you think I’m sexy? I can tell that you do! You’re such a pervert getting turned on by seeing your own mommy dressed up like a slut! What a naughty little boy you are!

Do you know why you’re still living at home with your father and I and haven’t experienced a real woman of your own? It’s because of your small pecker… you can’t please a woman with that! And because you’re a sissy boy that plays with his mommy’s dirty lingerie!

It’s time that you were properly humiliated for it. Do you hear me?!?!”