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You’re Going to Love Your New Morning Routine


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3 November 2014

Oh, no you don’t. Put that toothbrush down. I have something else in mind for you. Sure, you can squeeze it in… before you go to work, before you eat breakfast, before EVERYTHING, I have something new to incorporate into your morning routine. You deserve it, you know… it’s the perfect way to start the day!

Just follow my direction to jerk and work yourself to the very edge. You’re going to be dying to come by the time I’m through with you… I know you’re eyeing my bare shoulders slipping from beneath my robe, my silk nightgown revealing way too much… But wait! You’re not coming just yet. Hop in the shower… don’t you dare touch your hard-as-steel cock, let the steam rise around you and the hot water pound against your body and make you really ache for release.

When you turn off the shower, I’ll be there to guide you again and take you to the finish line… you’re going to spray right into a cup while I hold it for you and have your breakfast right here… the perfect way to start the day! There was no point in brushing your teeth before they’re coated in cum.

Now, I want you to follow your new morning routine for a full week… every morning, weekday or weekend. See you again tomorrow morning…