“I am in awe of you… hence I am sending a request that, if made, may give me a heart attack, but what a way to go.”

"I am in awe of you... hence I am sending a request that, if made, may give me a heart attack, but what a way to go."

Love to Watch Girls Swallow Cum? Then, Are You Ready for your Own?


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21 August 2013

Oh, I know what you’re into… what you LOVE to watch. You can’t get enough of those bukkake and gokkun videos. You love to see girls covered in and playing with all that silky, stringy cum… as much as they can possibly bare! You love the mess, that wet facial look, the slobbering and lapping at what just came out of your own prized cock. You love the fantasy, the reality, even the smell of your own cum… especially when splattered on a beautiful woman’s face, dripping down her body, or oozing from her own lips!

You love cum-covered females so much… you must love your own. Do you have an affinity for your own cum? Have you tasted it before? This time, it’s all about the cum you can’t get enough of and YOU are going to be the one to experience it. You’re going to save up some 20-30 loads for me… as long as it takes… and fill up an entire ice cube tray. You’re going to make lots of frozen cubes of your own cum. Save one for me to tease you with.

I’m going to run it all over my barely clad body… down the breasts I soon bare for you… have it melting slowly over my own gorgeous body that you love so much. I’m going to tease you with it SO near my mouth, pressed to my lips, and running over my naked nipples.

I know what you’re thinking. You want to lick it off yourself. YOu want to taste it, to suck it off my tits, to catch every drop before it goes to perfect waste… while you stroke your cock dutifully for me. You can’t help it. You’re so incredibly hot for a cum-covered female.

Meanwhile, the rest of your frozen loads of cum are going to be melting… soon ready to poor into a martini glass, a cum cocktail reserved just for YOU! And while that cum is smoldering in your own tummy, you’re going to come for me…