"I just wanted to tell you to keep them coming. Videos that is. There's just something about you and your videos that I can really picture myself being there when you're talking into the camera."

You’re Guaranteed to Come Right into Your Mouth


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24 January 2019

It’s simple really.  You have a deep desire to eat your own cum… to at least try it for me.  Yet, every countdown leaves you concentrating on coming at just the right moment.  And when you don’t, you know you’ve lost the chance, that you’ve completely chickened out, that you just can’t muster up the courage to actually taste when the moment is lost.

Don’t worry… this is your chance.  This is your GUARANTEE you’ll eat your own cum.  There will be no countdown, no exact moment to aim for.

Leave all the thinking to me.  Just stroke your cock for the entire length of time, come when you wish… I know you will.  And when you do, your cock will already be pointed directly into your mouth.  I have so many ways to push you right over the edge with my sexy dirty talk and slow tease.  You may come again and AGAIN….