"I bought the video with HIGH expectations. You exceeded them. In a word, PERFECTION."

A Slow, HOT Morning of Blue Balls After the BIG GAME


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7 April 2020

Oh, I’m soooo sorry that you lost the big game!!! I mean, we did everything right. I built up all that tension and excitement for you by teasing you to the very brink… and you got the biggest blue balls I’ve ever seen by holding off and preserving yourself for a winning performance.

But… you DIDN’T win.

I can’t believe it. So… I can’t let you come today either. Because that would just be breaking the rules. But…

I have an idea for a NEW game! You’ve been waiting for the biggest, best orgasm of your life and… you can have it. All you have to do is withstand my teasing and hold off until the very end, and then you’ll be so well rewarded.

Are you ready to hear the rules??