“I just recently discovered your amazing work. Holy hell you are gorgeous.”

"I just recently discovered your amazing work. Holy hell you are gorgeous."

You’re Finally Useful as My Self-Cleaning Panties


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25 April 2023

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Have I got your attention NOW?!? I can’t BELIEVE you got off right on my ass in the middle of the night! Only your small dick could’ve managed to come on my ass crack without me even waking up!! You’re so pathetic! And after I lectured you before bed about how I WASN’T in the mood for sex because you’ve still failed to get a job or be of any use to the household whatsoever! What am I supposed to do with you now?

Ah, yes, you forget that I have the ability to transform you with the blink of an eye and the snap of my fingers… into anything I wish. Since you love being near my ass crack so much, I’m going to turn you into my PANTIES! And since you made a creamy mess – without asking – between my cheeks, I expect you to have it all cleaned up by the time I wake from a quick nap. Don’t you know? You’re my SELF-CLEANING PANTIES!

Now, when morning comes, I’m in a rush to work and if I find you haven’t done the laundry as you’re supposed to, I’m going to need to keep you on…good thing you are self-cleaning, I won’t have time to shower! I hope you won’t suffocate all day at the office under my tight pantyhose. And if I’m in a rush after work… I’m wearing you to the gym… oh, watch for that outpour of sweat! But what if I’m in a hurry to use the toilet and find YOU haven’t replaced the toilet paper roll???

Then, thank goodness I have my self-cleaning panties to wipe me up! A month of this and… I just might find you’re more useful as my cleaning panties than a real man… and good thing. I have a NEW man in my life. I’m wetting you with my juices right now as I think of him, and you’re going to clean me up after he fucks me tonight!