"First your talent for acting impressed me, and now, you responsiveness to video idea suggestions from fans impresses me too."

Happy Anniversary, My Darling Chaste, Slave


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10 August 2011

Happy anniversary!!! It’s time to celebrate.. one full year together! We made it! How are you doing in there? Haven’t shit your chastity cage, have you? Well, it is a momentous occasion, my darling slave, so I suppose I’ll let you out of the closet to play a bit.

Come on now, don’t pull on your leash, be a good boy. Wow…. that little dick of yours IS small! I just have to laugh at it every time I see it. You’re not really cut out for real husband duties, are you? Ha! Well, that’s why I handcuffed your arms behind your back on our wedding night. That’s when it ALL began! Remember, my husband?

No, I don’t even want to hear moaning through those dirty panties stuffed down your throat. Is that duct tape still adhesive enough? I think you need more taped to your face…. Now, how do you like these tight jeans I’m wearing? Hot enough for you? I want you to stick your nose close to them as I bend over… I may be due for a good tongue bath again. Is your mouth up to its duties?

Oh, just use your nose. Now, if you’re REALLY good, I’ll sit on your face for a bit… first in my jeans, then in my panties, then with my big nude bum! I’ll make you hold your breath longer and longer and longer… until… well, that’s part of your anniversary surprise now, isn’t it! ha ha ha!!