“I’m a huge fan of your videos. I don’t think you want to know all the details, but let’s just say they give me a good time lol.”

"I'm a huge fan of your videos. I don't think you want to know all the details, but let's just say they give me a good time lol."

Be Careful What You Wish for, Ass Lover


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24 February 2012

So many surprises await you: the night of your life perhaps. What’s your deepest motivation? To be as near as possible to my gorgeous ass? Of course, I’m going to notice you staring at mine… I can tell you love these tight yoga pants. Don’t they hug my every curve magnificently? Maybe I’ll even bend over provocatively just for your eyes’ pleasure.

When I call you on your point of interest, tease you and pose for you, and talk dirty to you… you just can’t take it can you? You’re about to explode… but I’m still taunting you with my lovely curves. I even have you lying down now with my perfect ass hovering over your eager face. I keep pressing my cheeks to yours, teasing you, giving you that closeup view… you’ll agree to just about anything now, and I decide to really treat you… while I practice my erotic magical talents. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be turned into a pair of my panties? To be THAT close to my shapely ass… so my ass truly can engulf your whole face?

I’ll let you come just as soon as you let me transform you. My spell will work, of course, and then I’ll throw in another twist: I’m going to cast a spell on myself so that I forget I’ve transformed you for a full 24 hours. How else can you truly live life as my panties with all the great benefits? Trouble is… what if I don’t recognize you when I see you lying on my bed?

What if I think you’re cheating on me and you, those provocative panties, belong to another woman!? What if I forgetfully throw you away in my rage? What if my memory returns and I can’t live with the outcome of the horrible day before? I’ll just have to cast a spell to make myself forget again… so that I can get over your loss and on with my own life…