"The truth is you are a surprisingly good actress. You take all of your roles seriously, no matter how absurd they may seem."

Breaking in My Borrowed Slave Day 2: Worship My Sweet Ass


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6 September 2013

All this work is exhausting… but my borrowed slave kneels in the corner, awaiting my next command. Am I creative enough to keep his skills honed and his training ingrained?

My girl friend will be so upset with me if she returns to pick up a slovenly slave! And I’m so uncomfortable after a challenging day’s work. There must be something that attentive man in the corner can do for me… I wonder if he would be able to rub down my sexy little ass, get my blood flowing again, and make me feel treated in the middle of the day.

Is that too much too ask? Is that too intimate? Too demanding? Too perverse? Wait a minute… I’m in charge while I babysit this full grown slave. MY RULES. And I want my ass worshiped!

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