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Do I Really Have to Do EVERYTHING Around Here?


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17 October 2017

What in the world is a mother to do? It’s just positively SHAMEFUL to walk in on my own son and find his bare, naked, fleshy cock standing erect before me! And it’s SO HUGE!

I just can’t even discuss what is so wrong about you doing such a thing without locking the door and claiming you can’t even fit it back into your pants… because it’s staring at me! I can’t even block it out of my peripheral vision!

I just can’t believe it… it’s so… raunchy. So, incredibly DIRTY. AND SO BIG!

I just… well someone has to do something about it. We can’t have you just standing there with that thing capable of scaring any sensible person have to death.

I guess your father hasn’t even discussed such things with you… he always leaves it all up to me! In fact, BOTH of you do! FINE! I’ll just have to take care of it myself! AS ALWAYS!