“I just cannot get enough of your videos.”

"I just cannot get enough of your videos."

Your Most Humiliating Cum Eating Instruction Yet


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2 May 2011

Oh, what I have in store for you! You have no idea. Not really. You just can’t imagine the ten tasks I have for you to complete in the next twenty minutes. You’re going to need them, believe me. And your small brain isn’t even capable of fantasizing the challenging experience I have ahead for you.

You want to be humiliated. I can do that. You want to be teased and tormented and laughed at all while we both know you’re turned on all the more. Consider it done. Now, strip those clothes off, and let’s begin.

You’re going to be humiliated to the extreme, treated like an animal, forced upon yourself in the most private and striking ways. You’re going to get VERY familiar with everything your body is capable of… and tastes like.