"Thank you for making my sex-life so much richer!!"

Punishing Your Perverted Ways with Pitying Cum Eating Humiliation


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10 July 2015

I caught you… you little pervert! You were peeking an upskirt view while I was loading up my car after shopping! I mean REALLY! You expect to get away with that?! Well, actually, I should be sweeter… gentle, even. I want to convince you to follow me home.

I’m going to lure you in under the guise that I actually don’t mind your kinky invasion of my privacy so much. Oh, but when you’re standing there in my living room, you’ll have another thing comin’! I’m going to verbally humiliate you… explain just why your actions disgust me and make you less of a man… all while I tease you mercilessly with all the upskirt views and ass-luscious images that you can stand.

Oh, yes. You’re going to come… you’re going to think “gee, this is the best day of my life!” And then, I’m going to make you eat your cum right then and there. Pervert!