"Nobody on C4S is as good at acting as you... plus, you're gorgeous."

Your Most Humiliating Cum Eating Instruction EVER


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24 July 2018

Yes, yes, I CAN do worse… and so can YOU.  You know you want to… you’re reading this clip description, aren’t you??  Ha!  I’ve already GOT you!  Your know what delivers the hardest orgasms… you know how hot it feels to be totally submissive to me.  You love the danger… the surprise… the extreme humiliation.  You love being told what to do to make you feel out of control of your own wellbeing.

Don’t worry… you’re in my hands now.  I’ve got many, many obscene tasks awaiting you… for your immense humiliation, for your complete breakdown to the most basic, primal, dirty animal that you are.  And you’re going to come so hard for me… and EAT it… just the “icing” on the cake after all I’ve just watched you eat…