"I am very excited for all the things you post this year they just keep getting better and better."

Your Contracted Mistress Owns Your Orgasm


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3 June 2010

Hello, my chaste little slave. Have you missed me? Is that device too tight around your swollen cock? Poor thing. Need I remind you that I OWN you?? …that you signed a contract making me your chosen mistress and owner of your mind, body, and soul for your entire life?

Well then, tell me how much you adore your mistress. Tell me how you owe me your life. Tell me how you love being chaste for me day in and day out. What’s that? You want an orgasm! Because you’ve been a good slave all this time?

Let me check the calendar.. yes, it has been five full months since your last permitted orgasm. I suppose I will allow you to have another. Now, do as I say when I release your chaste and painful cock…