“I just wanted to thank you for all that you do, you are amazing!!”

"I just wanted to thank you for all that you do, you are amazing!!"

Ensuring You’re My Chaste Slave for Life by Reconfirming Your Trance


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19 September 2011

(Followup to “You’ll Be My Eternal, Chaste Slave as Soon as You Watch This Video” …enjoy them together or separately!)

Ah, you’ve returned for your next session. How are you controlling your urges? Is your desire waning? Or do you find yourself returning to the same uncontrollable habits and longings. We’re going to work with that. I’m going to SAVE you. Just relax, focus on the sound of my voice, and follow those longings of yours.

Let’s see where they go… let’s see… that’s it…. you’re fast asleep now. You’ve been chaste for me for how long now? You may have to remain chaste all the longer. And when you’re released – when I release you from this cyclical trance – you’re going to be overcome with the desire to come… you’re going to have visions of my sexy leather pants… you’re going to be overwhelmed with the urge to masturbate… but you’ll only be free to masturbate if you’ve met my requirements.

And when you finally come… when you’re finally permitted to give in… you’re going to envision me again… my leather pants again… desire to see me again… and be compelled to watch your therapeutic video again. You’re going to enter a period of chastity again… you’re going to go without again… you’re going to be my slave again. And when you’ve met your requirement, you’ll be allowed to masturbate again… and the entire cycle will continue. You’re entering a never ending downward spiral, a life of undying chastity.