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The Schedule Says It’s Your Monthly Ejaculation Day


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1 September 2014

I’ve had such a long day… and it’s so nice to come home to you just waiting here for me. Have you been standing there all day long? Just pensive and patient and waiting to see the love of your life while your engorged cock does unattended? It’s looking quite blue these days, all locked up and neglected. It means you want me more, that you have that look in your eye and you’re so very obedient when you’re getting no action. I love you like this! You’re so wonderful to come home to, my chaste slave in waiting.

Now, quit looking so needy. I need to relax now and take care of my own needs… and check my schedule to see what else needs my more important attention. Oh. Well, it looks like I’d completely forgotten something. According to my calendar, it’s Ejaculation Day.

Has another month passed already? I don’t think you’ve been neglected long enough. Your cock hasn’t even turned purple yet. Well, I suppose you deserve release just once a month. I’m going to unlock you, but I have barely any time, and I’m doing this just for you.

You better jerk that swollen cock and come by the time I’m done teasing you with my gorgeous body and a ripe view of my curvy ass. If you haven’t come by the time I’m done modeling for you, you’ll just have to wait another month until it’s Ejaculation Day once again.

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