"Your are on a planet all your own, and nobody revs my engine like you do."

You MUST Have Stuffed Your Pants


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5 October 2017

You know, I had no idea what I was in for when I sat down next to you at the bar and then you invited me to sit all the closer.  I didn’t know… well, how could I have guessed??  I just found myself flirting with you and then I noticed, well, I couldn’t HELP but discover that big sausage in your pants!  Of course, being as cheeky as I am, I had to ask: you stuffed your pants, didn’t you?  Ha!

But as soon as the question left my mouth, you pulled my hand on top of your crotch and then… well, I felt dizzy!  No, you definitely hadn’t stuffed those pants of yours.  You ARE super-endowed!!  That was my ruin really.

After that, I was playing up the moment, flirting in full swing, you were being bold yourself, and we ended up in a little game… in which you had to PROVE you really didn’t stuff your pants.  Heck, I was begging to find out by that point!  We snuck off to a private room in the bar and… then the REAL fun began!  You pushed me through every emotion: shock to amazement, then pure, unadulterated LUST!