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My Overdeveloped StepSon’s Enormous Needs Erupt in Public


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14 June 2022

*NOW in 1080p FULL HD!

Oh, no, not HERE, honey!!! You can’t… I can’t… there are people around!! Oh gosh, oh gosh, how could this happen? I don’t know what affects you so much; I don’t know why your oversized manhood has grown erect right here in the lingerie store! And I thought you were completely bored as I dragged you from store to store… that thing really has a mind of its own, doesn’t it!

You must have no control over it, and your unbearable condition, at all. You poor thing! Come here, come here quick while I’m still in this tight corset I was trying on. I’ll have to take you in my mouth here to make sure you don’t incidentally spurt on the merchandise! Don’t stain this lingerie; I haven’t bought it yet! Now, be gentle, sweetie, you know your enormous cock is just much too big for my little mouth. Don’t get carried away! Now, zip your pants up before we get kicked out of the store.

I have just one more outfit to try on before we leave and now that your issue has been resolved. We’ll hurry home then; it seems I just can’t leave the house now that I have to alleviate your every hard on. I just wanted to get something special for your dad. He’s felt neglected lately considering how I have to give all my attention to you lately on doctor’s orders. Oh… oh… is it… happening AGAIN?!

Oh, I’m going to have to let you penetrate me; it’s the only way we can satisfy your overactive drive. I know it’s not your fault, honey. Quick! Into the dressing area! Oh, OUCH!!!!