"Keep doing what you are doing because it is amazing and it gets my rocks off everytime! (when you allow it)."

Time for Your Regular Workout with Your Personal Penis Trainer


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7 August 2010

Well, are we ready to go then? Why aren’t your gym shorts off yet? Now, quit postponing the inevitable. I’m going to work you so hard… and you only have a certain amount of time with me this session.

Now, let’s get to exercising that penis! Have you been doing your homework and practicing the techniques I’ve shown you? Well, let’s start off with a few new ones while we’re at it. I’ll demonstrate for you and count as I work right along with you… 1… 2… faster… 3… for… my, it’s getting so hot in here! No use wearing this workout shirt anymore!

Now, don’t slow down; I want to get a lot out of you. Don’t make me playfully smack your bare ass with my workout towel!

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