"I came across a movie of yours that i would not normally watch and it did some amazing things to me."

My Webcam Show Will Make ALL of You Lose Your Load… and Taste It!


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8 November 2016

Welcome to my little show… tee hee hee.  If this is your first time, then WELCOME!  I know my reputation precedes me… You’ve already heard that I’m a Master Teaser, the best cock tease on the entire planet.  In other words, YOUR LOAD is at MY COMMAND.  hee hee!  Don’t you know it.

If you’ve tuned in before, you know have no chance.  Now, this time, the rules are: NO TOUCHING your dicks and… LEAVE your dick IN YOUR PANTS.  That’s right, LEAVE YOUR COCK ALONE!

We’re going to see how long you can stand it… how long you can wait for it… how long you can last until you just can’t help yourself and you EXPLODE while watching me do my sexy thing – my world-renowned, no-one-does-it-better tease.  And this time, I’m set up to see how many of you actually fail along the way.  That’s right… I’ll know when you go, and when you do, your punishment is to taste your fresh, hot cum!

Your ultimate mission… if you choose to accept it… is to make it to the end of my cam session when you finally have permission to enjoy that hot, sweet EJACULATION.  Ready?  Let’s go!

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