"You are REAL and you are actually TALENTED!"

Your Hot Personal Trainer Gives You a FULL Body Workout


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20 August 2009

Hello! It’s great to see you again. Are you ready for me this morning?? I know it’s early… I hope you’re all pumped up and ready to go! I’m gonna really work you hard during our first session today. Let’s get going!

I want you to follow along with me very carefully. Be sure to watch closely – my every move – and pay extra special attention to make sure you know how to do the exercises correctly. We wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself!

Now, I’ll demonstrate some of the movements for you… are you watching? And then, I want you to follow along with me. We’re going to stretch this way, bend that way, and I’ll be sure to turn around quite a bit to show you what the exercises look like from all angles. It’s very important that you do them correctly.

What? Now, why aren’t you moving very much? OH!!! I see… Yes, it must be nearly impossible to move your body with a stiffy in your gym shorts! Well, we better take care of that first then…