"Your clips are amazing and so realistic, something the erotic industry has been lacking for a long time."

Time for Your Pricey Web Cam Humiliation, Pay Piggy!


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17 January 2012

Hello… hello! Geeze, don’t make me wait for you. You know my time is valuable. If you’re late to one more session we set up, I’m going to start charging you more. Don’t be late for your utter humiliation. Now, here’s what I want you to do for me this time… and grab some alcohol too. I need you lubricated so I can really break you down and subdue you into the most pathetic state.

So, get it out and let me see it… every single time, I can’t believe how small it is! This is really painful, you know. I mean, I know why you have to a beautiful woman like me for company, but I really shouldn’t have to be subjected to this. So, make it easy on me while I make you jump through all these hoops. Admit that you’re a sorry waste of space and don’t forget to buy more videos from my store. Now, let’s get you off so I can meet my next cam appointment.

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