"I bought the video with HIGH expectations. You exceeded them. In a word, PERFECTION."

I Own Your Orgasms: Session 1


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26 December 2014

Want to truly feel out of control? …more controlled, more frustrated, more of the unknown, a bit of mystery, and even… a bit of fear? For those of you who like to live on the edge, to lose control, and NO idea what will be permitted or not, this is our first of a new kind of session together. THIS is taking it to “the next level.”

You will have NO idea what kind of torment or humiliation I may put you through, NO idea which direction your guided masturbation session may go in, and you have NO idea when it will all end… or if you’ll even be permitted to come at all. I may RUIN your orgasm in the most frustrating way. I may subject you to COUNTLESS COUNTDOWNS with severe punishment for coming too soon or too late. I may condemn you to a very creative painful or humiliating task. I may DENY your orgasm this session all together.

The end of this session is completely unknown; follow along at your own risk. It’s time to let go of all control; you’re turning it over to me. And I’m letting my mind run in any and all directions. This is only the beginning or our countless more severe, more frustrating, more inconceivable moments together… but you know that you gave up control the moment you started reading this description.

You’ve already admitted that you want to feel totally helpless and completely succumb to my whims… There’s only one, SINGLE GUARANTEE: you WILL be begging for release and you WILL be begging for your next session.