"There are normal, lonely guys like me in the world that are starved for affection and human contact. We have to rely on fantasy. You help us do that. You are the purveyor of our fantasies."

I Have a Public Humiliation Assignment for Your Little Dick


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22 June 2015

Are you ready for this? We’re taking the “Puny Pathetic Penis Show” on the road! Ha ha! I’ve got a particularly humiliating experience in mind for you… a certain assignment you must follow exactly. We’re going to start at your place where the humiliation begins immediately. I’ll instruct you when to stop and play my voice as you follow along for increasing embarrassment and one surprise after another. I’ll tell you when and where to drive and what to do once you’re there. Don’t worry. Plenty of strangers will be around. You WILL shrivel in embarrassment. You WILL feel completely intimidated and just like the freak of nature you actually are. I won’t ask you to do anything illegal or anything that would get you in trouble. After all, who needs that, when just being ill-equipped and less than a man is painful enough? You may never want to leave the house again after this… but you may like your little orgasm I let you have after I’m done with you. * For the full effect… start listening at home, be ready for a drive, and listen for my next instruction.