“You’re really beautiful and I think I’m totally addicted to your videos now!”

"You're really beautiful and I think I'm totally addicted to your videos now!"

Subjected to Total Humiliation for Your Small Dick and Perverted Ways


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16 February 2010

This is it. You’ve done it now. You’ve used up all your chances, succumbing to your sexual desire and perversion time and again at the office. You knew you’d be in serious trouble eventually. Now, your job is on the line for the final time.

There’s no getting out of it, no use making up excuses or even denying your attraction to all the hot women – even your own boss – working around you day in and day out. You’ve stared at the last bent over ass, looked longingly at the last sexy bare foot in a high heel shoe, glanced down the last crevice of cleavage.

You’ve been sent to see a new authority this time. Higher than your own boss and even her boss’s boss. You’re in BIG trouble. You have no idea what to expect… not even that your tiny dick (yeah, the one you’re totally ashamed of and THINK no one knows about) is going to receive the brunt of all the punishment for the next half hour.

You’ll be lucky to live through such complete and utter humiliation, exposed in every way for your every fetish and insecurity… all while surrounded by beautiful women all gawking and laughing through your whole nightmare experience.