"I have bought a couple of your clips and was blown away by how engaging, intelligent, witty and insightful you are. Add that with your extreme beauty and that makes for a deadly combination."

Stop and Go as the Deck Decides Your Fate


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11 April 2017

We both love a good challenge… especially when I’m the one controlling YOURS!  Now, get that cock out, have your hard-on ready… it’s time to play.

I’m in a spunky mood… are you??  I’m layering on the flirting, the fun, the TEASE… oh, how I enjoy TOYING with you.  Meanwhile, it’s the cards that determine just how long you get to stroke before it’s time to STOP.

Hand after hand, I’ll randomly draw, and you’ll stroke along as I count your handful of seconds to ecstasy.  No coming until the very end!