“I do love your stories and the way you present them, first rate!”

"I do love your stories and the way you present them, first rate!"

The New School Nurse Conducts a Mandatory Inspection of Your Package


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17 January 2017

You have no choice.  The new school nurse is conducting a school-wide, personal inspection of every boy’s package.  You will sit in the waiting room with all the others, await your turn, and promptly remove your pants at her request.

Your shyness will be no excuse, and you will not flinch as she reaches for your cock and balls with her bare hands.  You will stand before her, displaying the goods, and offering them for her personal inspection.  You will let her handle you intimately, touch, feel, and squeeze to her content.  And you will tolerate her desire to begin to stroke you…

You WILL be quiet – you WILL NOT make any noise the other boys in the waiting room will hear – you will allow the nurse to manipulate you, to hush you, to force you to ejaculate… all while she holds her hand over your mouth to keep you still and quiet.

Now, it’s time for YOUR name to be called…