“Tara, I’m a massive fan of your work, you are the best at what you do by far!”

"Tara, I'm a massive fan of your work, you are the best at what you do by far!"

The School Nurse Tenderly Explains and Addresses Your First Erection


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10 March 2010

Your teacher said I should expect you in my office any moment… Now, what’s the matter, dear? Don’t worry. Everything that you share in the nurse’s office is completely confidential. Are you feeling ill? Think you have a fever? Let me just take a quick look at you…

Oh, you don’t think you need all that? Then, you just have to tell me what’s the matter, sweetie, so that I can help you. Oh, it’s something to do with your pants? Well, what is it??

Oh, my!! Well, I know exactly what that is. Now, don’t you worry at all, sweetie. That’s perfectly natural. It happens to all the boys your age; it really does. It’s called an ERECTION. Have you heard that word before? E-RECK-SHUN?

Well, I’ll explain just why that is happening to your penis and exactly what to do to make it go away. Just follow the nurse’s directions very carefully, okay? You also have to learn about something called EJACULATION. And it’s very important that you EJACULATE exactly when I tell you to. Do you understand? It’s naughty not to. Now, here’s what I want you to do right now in my office…