"On some of you marathons i have literately blasted to the ceiling. i don't think their is any performer that can coax that sort of response in the entire industry."

A Routine Physical with the School Nurse


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24 September 2019

Now, it’s your turn. Would be great to get this over with. You’ve got awesome high school life to get back to after all. She’s probably an old hag with a smoker’s voice. All school nurses are.

But when you walk in… HOLY HELL. She’s… and she’s telling you to take ALL your clothes off. But this is what all the guys have had to go through the past few days, right? ALL of this? Even when she asks you to… and about… EVEN when she’s…

Yes, yes, you have to tell yourself as you leave – spent and still horny and hell AT THE SAME TIME. That must’ve been routine or… or… Well, one thing is for sure. You’ve got some hot masturbation material to last for the rest of your life.