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The Day I Completely Lost All Beauty and Decorum


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26 February 2016

I had everything to lose but no idea that it was actually possible to lose it all. I was beautiful, blonde, tall, lean, slinky, toned, tanned, confident, poised, well spoken…. well, maybe a bit ditzy, a bit shallow, a bit naive…. and then it all was taken from me. Maybe I wished it upon myself. Maybe I had too much bad karma. Maybe some jealous bitch put a spell on me.

I lost my 20/20 vision… I lost my golden locks… I lost my breasts and my sex appeal… I lost it ALL… in mere minutes. I snorted and chuckled and guffawed… I laughed at my own misery… as I became the world’s ugliest, snottiest, most disgusting dork on the planet.

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